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art is money

Simple. Buy Mars' art. Claim Mars Magic Money. Become Marswealthy.

2 Contact Mars.

3 IRL Magic Money is created /
NFT is airdropped to Patron

MMM Breakdown

1 Buy Mars' CryptoArt(NFT).
2 Contact Mars.
3 Personalised IRL Magic Money is created.
4 AirNote(NFT of Magic Money) is airdropped to Patron.

Patron can then:
1- HODL airnote. Collect more Magic Money. Combine Magic Money for IRL/virtual assets: comission, painting, or video. Access to MagicMint.
2- Burn airnote NFT. Recieve physical Magic Money.*

*IRL Magic Money can be exchanged for larger IRL works.


Mars Magic Money: NFT backed by IRL unique money art

  • IRL Mars Magic Money is art as money. It is a rare physical precious guarantee used as backing for airnotes.
  • AirNotes are NFTs that are backed by IRL Mars Magic Money.
  • An airnote NFT is only a digital certificate of ownership of Mars Magic Money.
  • To withdraw the physical art money, the airnote must be exchanged/burned.
  • A patron cannot possess an airnote and a MMM at the same time.




Latest News

November 5, 2021
make your life simpler with Mars Magic Money


What NFTs are eligible for Magic Money?
Any NFT minted on 06x

What about secondary sales NFTs?
Each NFT has a 1 time Magic Money value. If Magic Money has never been claimed, it can be requested. If it has already been claimed, you can submit a Magic Money claim form to see if you are eligible for an additional airdrop.

Can I combine airnotes to purchase Cryptoart NFTs?
No. Airdrops can only be combined to buy IRL or virtual non-blockchain art. However, any IRL Magic Money assets can be exchanged for Cryptoart.

What if I already own a 06x NFT?
You are eligible to claim Mars Magic Money. Confirm wallet address via email. If the transaction seems suspicious, a Matic Polygon transfer may be required for authentication.

What if I burned my airdrop, received my Magic Money, but it is a hassle to return, or I am dissatisfied?
You can video record the destruction of the Magic Money for credit- burn the asset.

Do all airnotes come with access to MagicMint?

What is MagicMint?
It is a perk of being Marswealthy. MagicMint is backstage access to Mars’ conceptual art project. Access includes sketches, research, video, roadmap, interviews with patrons, fails, and magics.

What are the art history inspirations and provenance for this?
Sara Meyohas’ Bitchcoin
Mitchell F. Chan’s Digital Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility
Jonathon Keats’ The First Bank of Antimatter–THE_FIRST_BANK_OF_ANTIMATTER/
Duchamp’s Monte Carlo Bond (No. 1)
Damien Hirst’s The Currency
J.S.G. Boggs